Young kids Quotes

Young kids

Young kids Quotes

29 Jul , 2016  

The 10 best Young kids Quotes :

1)”I was a pretty feisty young kid.”

2)”I had a good guitar, and I was a young, young kid.”

3)”I didn’t do the typical things that young kids do.”

4)”I think soccer is more respected now than it ever has been. You can see that in the numbers of young kids who are playing and the numbers of people who are coming to watch.”

5)”All us Youngs could throw. I used to kill squirrels with a stone when I was a kid, and my granddad once killed a turkey buzzard on the fly with a rock.”

These are the 10 best Young kids Quotes !

6)”Really young kids are into guitars.”

7)”I love to work with young kids.”

8)”We love the Stooges, and young kids today don’t watch them. They think it’s their dad’s comedy. So we thought we could reintroduce them to a new audience.”

9)”We are shaping young kids to be leaders in their communities and also to be healthier.”

10)”The art schools… you get young kids doing the most vile and meaningless crap. I think they believe every bit of it.”

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