Young girls Quotes

Young girls

Young girls Quotes

29 Jul , 2016  

The 10 best Young girls Quotes :

1)”I think there’s so much feeling among young girls where they feel like they have to be this perfect thing – and they don’t. Perfect people don’t exist. Sometimes people need to be told it.”

2)”I train my chefs completely different to anyone else. My young girls and guys, when they come to the kitchen, the first thing they get is a blindfold. They get blindfolded and they get sat down at the chef’s table… Unless they can identify what they’re tasting, they don’t get to cook it.”

3)”I recognize that I have a unique position to be a role model to young girls because I am doing something that they consider glamorous, which is acting, and yet I took a time to really get my education and study mathematics, and I think math is the cat’s meow.”

4)”I’m thrilled to continue my partnership with U by Kotex for Generation Know while helping to empower girls. I’ve always been a motivational resource for my younger sisters and hope I can positively impact and inspire other young girls too.”

5)”I want people – especially young girls – to know that in life, nothing is going to be based on sex appeal. You’ve got to have something else to go with that.”

These are the 10 best Young girls Quotes !

6)”When I talk to young girls about clothes, I tell them to show a lot of brains.”

7)”It was Jesus who gave me peace when the shark severed my arm. I trust in Jesus whenever I’m going through a hard time. I see all the beautiful things that have come out of my situation. I’m able to share my story with young girls who have few role models, and I can help others cope with what they have been through.”

8)”The old men will always think they know it all, young girls will dream about the boys of fall.”

9)”I have to hand it to NBC. They’ve done a great job sticking with this show and they really do believe in it comedically. And yes, there really is a groundswell that is growing in support for the show. It’s so funny because you read these things about our ratings and about our demographic. Our best demographic is young males, like college students and twenty-somethings love it and then rich people love it. Rich families with incomes over a hundred thousand dollars. So you’ve got rich people (laughs) and young guys especially watching it, and a lot of young girls too.”

10)”It makes me sad when I see young girls taking scandalous pictures…Then again not many positive role models really exist anymore.”

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