Vybz Kartel Quotes

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Vybz Kartel Quotes

7 Jun , 2015  

The 10 best Vybz Kartel Quotes :

1)”When yuh come inna mi ramping shop. Me will quint it up two time and pop yuh cock.”

2)”And when you a come. Whispa someting like dis I can’t stop fucking you.”

3)”Hey, cocky nuh play. Me will bruk yuh back.”

4)”Kill me wid di cocky. Kill me wid di tightness.”

5)”Deal wid yuh breast like mi crushing irish. Spice I neva love a pussy like dis.”

These are the 10 best Vybz Kartel Quotes !

6)”Inna half ah frock. When yuh come inna mi ramping shop.”

7)”Don’t matter which language u speak money a the universal Grammar $$$$$$”

8)”You ah my mista. You ah my miss.”

9)”She told me that she will never hurt me and that she will do me no wrong, all now me cant believe that someone so beautiful could be so Heartless wicked, God knows Baby Love you So much.”

10) “So don’t let me done. Me two phone a ring and me nah ansa none.”

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