Victims Quotes


Victims Quotes

25 Jul , 2016  

The 10 best Victims Quotes :

1)”If I don’t see myself as a victim, then I’m not a victim.”

2)”If she was a victim of any kind, she was a victim of her friends.”

3)”The most shocking fact about war is that its victims and its instruments are individual human beings, and that these individual beings are condemned by the monstrous conventions of politics to murder or be murdered in quarrels not their own.”

4)”A victim is a victim is a victim. We should stop setting up standards that say we will have one standard of law enforcement for one group of victims but not for another.”

5)”Government means politics, and interference by government carries with it always the implication of coercion. We may accept the expanding power of bureaucrats so long as we bask in their friendly smile. But it is a dangerous temptation. Today politics may be our friend and tomorrow we may be its victims.”

These are the 10 best Victims Quotes !

6)”Maybe this is why so many serial killers work in pairs. It’s nice not to feel alone in a world full of victims or enemies. It’s no wonder Waltraud Wagner, the Austrian Angel of Death, convinced her friends to kill with her. It just seems natural. You and me against the world…”

7)”O innocent victims of Cupid, Remember this terse little verse: To let a fool kiss you is stupid, To let a kiss fool you is worse.”

8)”Man is the only animal that can remain on friendly terms with the victims he intends to eat”

9)”I became a victim of mean girls. I became the victim of myself.”

10)”You are victors, not victims!”

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