Prostitution Quotes


Prostitution Quotes

30 Jun , 2016  

The 10 best Prostitution Quotes :

1)”The United Nations is a place for prostitution under the feet of Americans.”

2)”What is art? Prostitution.”

3)”Prostitution and corruption are two things that mankind has had to live with for so long.”

4)”Prostitution presents a moral, economic and social problem that cannot be resolved juridically.”

5)”Prostitution, although hounded, imprisoned, and chained, is nevertheless the greatest triumph of Puritanism.”

These are the 10 best Prostitution Quotes !

6)”The introduction of religious passion into politics is the end of honest politics, and the introduction of politics into religion is the prostitution of true religion.”

7)”Although one of his long-standing fantasies was to open a house of prostitution, the fantasy role he chose for himself was that of cashier.”

8)”Writing is like prostitution. First you do it for love, and then for a few close friends, and then for money.”

9)”History shows that male homosexuality, which like prostitution flourishes with urbanization and soon becomes predictably ritualized, always tends toward decadence”

10)”Is now the time to legalize prostitution?”

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