Natural disasters Quotes

Natural disasters

Natural disasters Quotes

22 Jun , 2016  

The 10 best Natural disasters Quotes :

1)”Mr. Speaker, from hurricanes and floods in Latin America to earthquakes in Asia, natural disasters are increasingly becoming a regular feature of life for large numbers of people around the globe.”

2)”Sometimes it takes a natural disaster to reveal a social disaster.”

3)”Climate is always evolving, and natural disaster have always existed.”

4)”Farms and ranches contend with much more than quarterly reports and profit margins – the weather can wreak havoc on their quality of life and economic viability. When natural disasters strike, we must do all we can to assist the backbone of our economy.”

5)”I had seen people who had lost everything and everyone they loved to war, famine, and natural disasters.”

These are the 10 best Natural disasters Quotes !

6)”There also is the plight that comes from natural disasters; these natural disasters could be alleviated or dealt with; we only need some time to do it.”

7)”The beef industry has contributed to more American deaths than all the wars of this century, all natural disasters, and all automobile accidents combined.”

8)”Disasters are called natural, as if nature were the executioner and not the victim.”

9)”Yes, life in Chechnya so far looks more like a life after a natural disaster.”

10)”I find it vulgar that people are so fascinated by natural disasters, and we allow footage of young people that are looting because they have no choice because of natural disaster.”

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