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Top 10 Quotes

22 Jul , 2016  

Top 10 Quotes

The 10 best Top 10 Quotes :

1)”The mindset when you change your body physically, and your ability physically, there’s more of a self-belief. There is more of a security in yourself. It’s quite a unique feeling when you have a moment and you’re rested, and you’re not exhausted and everything else, you think, ‘I can do this stuff; I’m probably in the top 10 of physically fit people in this room,’ and that’s a very good feeling. Of course, someone like me I always keep myself in check, because it means I’m going to continue to push hard. I never allow myself to spread into an arrogance, because that, I believe, and there are people who say otherwise, will hold me back as opposed to help me advance. When it comes to playing a role like Theseus or the other role (laughs), it does help an awful lot, because the environment around you behaves differently. The people perceive you differently, and that helps you be the character which you’re trying to be. We are indeed a product of those around us, because we often behave in response to the way we’re treated. When people are looking at you in that sort of way and going, ‘Whoa! He looks kind of dangerous’ or ‘That guy looks like he can protect me,’ it gives you that extra bit of something that helps you play a character in a more realistic, effective way.”

2)”Over the last 10 years, women have stalled out at the top.”

3)”You can be a top, top player for 10, 20 years, then you become a coach, lose two or three games and you’re out.”


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